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Bloom of the Month

* NEW FOR 2024 * 


Welcome to our new monthly competition for members - a chance to show off the best bloom we have in our gardens month by month!  Members are encouraged to bring a flower with them to the monthly meetings.  These are staged, ready for judging!


One of the non-participating VDHS members is selected as a 'guest' judge, and they have the task of choosing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The winner is awarded our special "Bloom of the Month" trophy!

Points are also awarded which members accrue over the year ; 4 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place and 2 points for 3rd place.  1 point will be awarded to all the others taking part.  Points are totalled up over the year and a special prize will be awarded at our Autumn Show to the member who has the most points overall!

3 November 2023

1st Place : Helen Milne

2nd Place : Clare Gribbin

3rd Place : Ron Swaffield

7 December 2023

1st Place : Val Townsend

2nd Place : Clare Gribbin

3rd Place : Keith Hayman

4 January 2024

1st Place : Ollie Greensmith

2nd Place : Keith Hayman

3rd Place : Clare Gribbin

1 February 2024

1st Place : Margaret Cannon

2nd Place : Freda Harper

3rd Place : Janice Hadden

7 March 2024