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1st Prize : Darren Price

2nd Prize : Colin Lamond

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'Verwood Through The Lens'

The VDHS “Verwood Through the Lens” Photography Competition gave local amateur photographers the opportunity to celebrate the town, its people and the surrounding countryside.  


We asked for images with a historical and community significance, with local subjects in and around Verwood which are not regularly displayed – the more interesting, the better!  We wanted to see how creative and imaginative our local photographers are! 


Entrants could submit up to 2 images into each of the categories ; 

1.      People’ of Verwood and District

2.      ‘Historical Interest’ around Verwood and District 

3.      ‘Wildlife’ around Verwood and District

4.      ‘Landscapes’ around Verwood and District


The photograph entries were judged as part of the Spring Horticultural Show 2024 on 16 March, and the top 3 photos were selected to win voucher prizes donated by the Verwood Town Council. 


An additional 12 images from the competition will be enlarged and permanently displayed on the walls of the Verwood Memorial Hall.  The selected images will also be exhibited at The Hub in Verwood.

3rd Prize : Tony Harris

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