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2 February 2023 : 
Annual General Meeting

The meeting was opened with a welcome from the President, Ron Johnstone, who explained the importance of the meeting in which it was to be decided whether to close the Society or elect a new Chairman and Committee.

Apologies for Absence : Denise Pugh, Norman Pugh, Keith Hayman

Minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting were read by the Chairman as the Secretary had resigned and was not at the meeting.

Proposed : Lesley Swaffield

Seconded : Sue Hayman                          CARRIED

Matters Arising : None

Chairman's Report

The Chairman reported that as there had been no volunteers for the position of Chairman or Secretary he could see no alternative but to close the Society.  A quorum of 8 committee members is required and currently there are only 3.  There followed a lengthy discussion with the issue remaining unresolved.

Treasurer's Report

A statement of the accounts was distributed to members prior to the meeting.  The Treasurer reported that as the Society was in a healthy situation it would be a shame if the Society closed.

Proposed : Margaret Wilkes

Seconded : Denise Shortman                 CARRIED

Appointment of Examiner of Accounts

David Hadden has agreed to examine the accounts for year ending 31 October 2023.

Proposed : Eddy Murphy

Seconded : Diane Castro                        CARRIED

Proposed Changes to the Constitution

It was suggested that we could make changes to the constitution that would enable the Society to function with a reduced Committee of maybe 5.  A discussion again ensued but the issue remained unresolved.

Election of Officers & Committee

The Chairmen then asked for volunteers to join the Committee and in particular to take on the role of Chairman and Secretary.  Ollie Greensmith agreed to act as Chairman and Diane Murphy volunteerd for Secretary.  Subsequently Clare Gribbin agreed to join the Committee.  A vote was taken to adopt the volunteers on to the Committee.

Proposed : Eddy Murphy

Seconded : David Blake                     CARRIED

Any Other Business

Sue Elve gave thanks to the new Committee members as this enabled the Society to continue.  Thanks was also given to Leigh Craig in recognition of all his hard work over the past 10 years and wished him well for the future.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.45pm.

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