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7 September 2023 : 
The Principles of Garden Design
Helen Milne

Verwood's own Helen Milne of "Wild Places Garden Design" presented a lively and enthusiastic talk on the Principles of Garden Design to a packed hall, including over 20 non-member visitors, despite the humid atmosphere!

Helen took the audience back to basics for explanations on structure, form, balance and style.  The talk was full of really useful, practical tips for getting a more 'designer' feel to your garden.  Creating balance with shapes for a feeling of calm, limiting the choice of hard landscaping and using more local based materials to help provide context for the garden. 


Helen talked about the colour spectrum - warm and cool colours and how they can be used within the garden to create harmony or juxtaposition.  She also discussed repetitive planting to create rhythm through the garden, and to position focal points (oh, I've said it!) through the garden to entice you to view from different positions.  Any large structures should be in practical places - a patio or deck doesn't have to be next to the house if the sun doesn't make it there!  Helen also emphasised the Beth Chatto approach of "right plant, right place!"

The audience were appreciative of the advice Helen presented, and there were lots of questions from audience members.  It was great to hear people asking about the advice Helen gave, and how this could be applied to their own plot of land!

Helen has another talk on The History of Garden Design, so we will definitely be asking her back!

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