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9 May 2024 : 
A Broadstone Garden
Mike Webber

Mike Webber returned to talk the group through his own garden which he started 18 years ago in Broadstone.  The original garden had plenty of hard-standing - gravel and paving which had to be removed, along with some ill-placed shrubs which needed thinning out.


Mike explained how he decided to break up the garden into different zones - a vegetable area in the South facing part, a shade garden, a dry garden and winding pathway.  He candidly told us about some of the mistakes he'd made on the way - plants in the wrong place, and bulbs which hadn't worked.  He also spoke of his successes - things which worked and came out better than expected.

The talk was illustrated throughout with photos of plants and garden features and the group were pleased to identify various plants on the way.

An entertaining and relatable talk, with the challenges of tackling a regular sized garden!

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